Sunday, 20 July 2014

BabyLips Review


Baby Lips are by far some of my favourite drugstore products as they are really easy to take on the go and use for a subtle hint of colour without having to wear full-on lipstick. I have 5 of the 6 from the collection and they are all really handy for different things…

'Peach Kiss':

The BabyLips I use the most is the purple 'Peach Kiss'.
It comes in a nude shade although it does have a slight a shimmer to it which is what I really like. It gives a really nice effect and has a long lasting wearage which is also really good. One downside to this balm is that you have to put quite a few layers on for the shimmer to start to be noticeable.

The scent of all the BabyLips is absolutely amazing although some can be quite sickly- the 'Peach Kiss' has a really refreshing yet still sweet scent and that is a definite bonus!
'Cherry Me':

'Cherry Me' is another of the tinted BabyLips balms and I use it lots when going out with friends as it adds a really nice rouged look to your lips. This is also one of my preferred balms which I will take with me everywhere, and will sometimes use it on top of the clear sticks for a dash of colour.

The pigmentation of 'Cherry Me' is a lot stronger than that of 'Peach Kiss' and so if you are looking for something which is a happy-medium between lipstick and a shimmer balm, this is it. There is no shimmer in it and is a more matt colour which is also something I like. However, as I am not a great fan of cherries, the scent is not as appealing as some of the others although it is still quite sweet.

'Pink Punch':

This is definitely one of the most brightest lip balms I have seen, and this can be seen as both a good and bad thing. Having such a nice candy floss colour can add a really nice pink flush to your lips and this lasts throughout the day. However, by using a few strokes too many, the colour can appear extremely vibrant and not necessarily able to give you the subtle look you want from using a tinted lip balm. The smell, however, is absolutely divine and smells like a fruity cocktail.


This is one of the clear lip balms although I still find myself packing it for days out (especially when it's hot). Although all the other balms are also able to hydrate you lips, I find the fact that there's no pigmentation in this one better for my lips when they get especially chapped. By using this for consecutive days, I noticed a real difference in my lips as they didn't get chapped so easily.
The scent of 'Hydrate' is also delicious, it smells quite sweet and tropical and reminds me of being on holiday!

'Mint Fresh':

This is the last in my collection and also clear like the 'Hydrate'. The scent is delicious and extremely refreshing. Using the clear ones regularly really helps to fight chapped lips and make them soft!

The 'Mint Fresh's' scent is in the name but it is like a sweet, peppermint scent. It also has my favourite packaging as the colours are really vibrant and go together really well! I think this is also what makes them so appealing as they look adorable in your bag!


As you can see, these are very versatile and handy products which I find essential as I'm constantly using them. They genuinely work and have really helped my lips become a lot less chapped. In addition, they are a very reasonable price in drug stores at  roughy £3 each.

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

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