Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Back to school- My essentials


First of all, sorry for my lack of posts recently- I have been on holiday ( blog post to follow) and didn't have access to a computer. On a better note, it was amazing to see that when I can back from holiday, this blog had reached 100+ followers!! I still can't believe it :)

I know that your Youtube and Bloglovin' feeds are more likely than not already filled up with hundreds of 'Back to school' posts but I decided to throw another into the mix anyway!! As I'm going into my fourth year of senior school (wow, I feel old…) , I've discovered some vital things that you should take with you to help you get through the day. 

// You never know when you're going to need a tissue :) //

// My lips get chapped very easily and so I just keep them hydrated by using this throughout the day //

// I use this before lunch and any other time I need it because you don't know who else has touched the banisters…  Mango is my absolute favourite Body Shop scent!! //

// I bought this the other day from Paperchase purely because it's the most adorable thing ever! Pencil cases are so handy as otherwise I'd constantly be rummaging around in my bag for pens //

// Compact mirrors are handy for doing your hair after P.E. and during the day for quick check-ups. I got my mirror from Majorca but you can get them from virtually anywhere! It comes with two mirrors, a magnifying one (which can be a bit scary!) and a normal one. //

// I always need bobby pins to keep my hair intact and hair elastics for PE. I keep them in this cute little tin to save them from getting lost in my bag. //

So, there are some things that I always keep in my bag for school, sorry once again for my lack of posts last fortnight!!

Emily x

Monday, 4 August 2014

Cambridge Satchel review: 11" Classic satchel


So yesterday I went up to London and we visited the Cambridge satchel shop- much to my surprise, I came out with a satchel! This was totally unexpected as, although I've been wanting one for months and have been saving up, I was still a little short but my parents chipped in. As I said before, it was such a lovely surprise and so I thought I would do a quick review of it as I'm so delighted!

The satchel that I got in question was an 11" Classic satchel in yellow. I had been umming and arring for ages about which colour I wanted. Originally I had wanted the colour 'vintage' as I thought it would go with everything. However, when I saw it in the shop I realised that it wouldn't really stand out much and I wanted it to be a stand-out feature of my outfits. In the shop, I also looked at the green and pink ones, although I finally settled for yellow as I thought it was a bit "out there" and was such a lovely shade!

One of the many things I was unsure about was whether the bag would actually be big enough. Despite the fact that I only really want to use it as a day bag for when I go out with friends, I had seen many people saying that they had found the size disappointing, yet I can fit everything I need for a day out in with excess space. The interior area is about the size of a small Elle magazine and the width is about 2 inches.

Although size is not an issue for me, the one annoying thing about this bag is that each time you want to access the inside, you have to use the buckles. There is the option to have magnetic openings but I thought this would be more authentic. However, from past experience, I know that the straps become much less stiff with time and so this isn't  a problem.

You can get embossing on the satchel for £7 per letter however, I didn't go for this option. The Cambridge Satchel company add their own special touch with an embossing on the back of their logo which I think is really cute!

When using the satchel outside, I will always try to be careful as the leather can pick up scratches easily and I'm assuming the dirt will show up more as its a light colour. Also, they inform you that you should try to keep it out of the rain because the dye could run or it could get stained. You can, however, get balms to protect it from scuffs and other things to waterproof the bag.

Outfit idea to go with the satchel

Overall, I think this is a great bag for everyday use if you don't need to carry too much around. Although quite pricey, the quality of the bag is obvious and you definitely get what you pay for. They come in an amazing selection of styles and colours for both male and female which is why I think they've been such a hit! You can purchase them from the Cambridge Satchel online store or from one of their shops dotted around the UK.

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

p.s. For the next two weeks I'll be on holiday and won't have access to a computer so I won't be able to post anything