Thursday, 31 July 2014

Top 3 Summer Yankee Candles Review


Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you so much for 60+ followers; I never imagined that my blog would have grown so much in the short amount of time that I've had it!

Today I'm going to be doing a review of my favourite 3 Yankee Candle Tarts that I am loving this summer! During winter, I would find myself going to the Yankee Candle shop nearly once every week to purchase new Tarts for my tart burner as they gave off such nice scents and candles always make a room feel that much more cosy! Despite this, I also think that they are still essential in summer as they can give a room that extra something and make it smell delicious (I'm also a big candle lover!)

As oppose to having candles, I love using tarts as I think they are really adorable and can be re-used over and over until the scent fades. After burning them, I simply wrap them up in foil and then they can be recycled for when I next want to use them. Also, you can mix and match the tarts which always creates something interesting! To burn my tarts, I have a tart burner which has a small hole in the bottom where you place the tea light, and then a bowl shape suspended above the tea light to allow the heat to melt it and give off the lovely smell!

Here are some Yankee Tarts that I've been loving this summer:

1. Pink Sands

This was basically just an impulse buy as the colour of it is so pretty! The name sounds tropical and this is exactly what it's like! The smell itself reminds me of being on holiday as it's very tropical with burst of citrus and sweet with a mellow vanilla-ish undertone. I would highly recommend using this in the evening as the scent is very relaxing.

2. Lilac Blossoms

The reason I like this scent is because its different to the other two scents due to the fact that its more floral and "breathy" (that's the only word I could think to describe it!) The scent is very refreshing and this is why I love using it in summer. The lavender smell is also quite a strong aspect. As its quite a nice scent, I think it might be nice to mix with other, less strong scents.

3. Beach Walk

This tart reflects a day of the beach. You can smell the ocean (it has a slightly salty tang) and I could also smell a slightly citrus tinge. I absolutely adore this one as it makes me feel like I'm on the beach when its not necessarily warm enough to be there physically (due to the good old english weather!)

I hope you have found this review useful- I would highly recommend purchasing any of these 3 tarts for summer, but all the other types are just as lovely! You can buy them from your closest Yankee Candle store or from their website: The prices range from £1.00- £1.49 per tart which is very reasonable considering the number of times they can be reused. 

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

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