Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Clinique Cheek Pops Review


So over the past few months I have seen so many bloggers raving about Clinique's new blusher release: Cheek pops. As there'd been so much fuss, I decided to purchase one a few weeks ago.

The shade I bought in question was 'Ginger Pop' as I felt it complemented my fairer skin tone much more than the bolder, more vibrant hues. There are 3 other shades in the collection and, after having a look, it seemed like there would be a shade for everyone and every look. 

Ginger Pop has a warm, reddish colour with a pinkish undertone which is great for day to day make-up as it adds a subtle, flushed look to your cheeks. in the packaging it looks like it has a slight shimmer to it, although personally I find it has more of a satin effect. The slight sheen gives off a healthy look on your cheeks. The other shades, Berry Pop, Peach Pop and Plum Pop have a much more vibrant pigmentation, hence why I chose the Ginger pop as it has a much subtler and some what softer effect. 

In the packaging, it just looks like an average, powder blusher (minus the gorgeous daisy of course!) However, when you wear it, the blusher feels like a hybrid between cream and powder. Another bonus is that it doesn't look/ feel chalky once you've applied it and, as a result, its so easy to blend!! The blush applies evenly with no patchiness and with one, light stroke you can easily create a natural flush. On the other hand, you can easily play it up if you want to go for a slightly bolder look. 

Another amazing plus to this blusher (things keep getting better!) is that it has an amazing lastage. While using it during the summer, I found that it only tended to fade when it was extremely hot. 

There is only one negative thing that I can find about this blusher, and that is the fact that the packaging doesn't come with a compact mirror although this can easily be forgiven due to the adorable print and casing. Also, as I previously mentioned, you don't particularly need to re-apply it very often at all so a mirror isn't necessarily. 

Overall, this is a great product which I am looking forward to getting the rest of the shades in. Unfortunately its limited edition but this product is definitely worth purchasing!

Emily x

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