Sunday, 28 September 2014

// Pastel Hues //


So I've finally started to fill up my wardrobe for autumn (I am so excited!) and I thought it might be quite nice to share one of my favourite outfits. Although autumn is normally about deep, rouged colours and thick jumpers (which I have many of) I still like to add a dash of pastel here and there. I paired the knitted pastel top with the Mom jeans to take away some of the 'bulky' masculine look they can give off and the jelly shoes are a must! Another reason I love these shoes is because I don't feel so short!! When it finally starts getting cooler, I would wear them with socks, but at the moment, this outfit is great for the 'in-between' season change where its neither too hot or cold! 

Mom Jeans, tampered leg- H&M

Juju 'Babe' Jellies- Juju

Lace Hem crop top, pastel pink- Topshop


Emily x